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August 31, 2011, at 9:01 pm

Rosie Update

Rosie had a vomiting episode that came on instantly… without any warning… It was clear foamy liquid. I hate seeing her vomit so violently. Poor thing. Happened about 3 hours after having dinner.. she ate 100% of her 2 oz of pureed chicken. Thankful that a  Registered Nurse was in here to assist us tonight.

Rosie’s Blood Pressure has been up a lil all day. Also having a mild fever.

Pray that she sleeps well tonight.

I am exhausted today. Achy in all my joints. Wore out. Not getting any decent rest here at the hospital. Can’t wait to get home and in my own bed. Hopefully soon.

Praying for Rosie.


August 31, 2011, at 7:51 am

Rosie Pics

Rosie August 31st 2011


Rosie August 31st 2011

Rosie HERNIA WOUND August 31st 2011


Rosie HERNIA WOUND August 5th, 2011




August 31, 2011, at 6:36 am

Rosie Update

Rosie had a good night. Feeling well today. Eating fairly well.. would do so much better IF the food was palatable. She had a scrambled egg, strawberry jelly, and milk for breakfast.

Dr Boyce ( gastric bypass surgeon) and Dr Adams (infectious disease doc)  has visited Rosie this morn. Boyce is aiming for Rosie to get released by the weekend. Dietician needs to add up her protein intake and report to him. He has ordered another abdominal ct scan to check for inflammation and abscess of her tummy. Dr Adams is ordering her IV vancomycin for home use as well as flagyl orally.

Rosie has had very minor nausea the past few days and has kept ALL her food and fluids down. Praise God.

She sat up for an hour in her wheelchair yesterday. Aiming for 90 min today.

She is still receiving TPN nutrition feedings by IV. I assume they will continue for a few days once she arrives back home.

We are not certain of Rosie’s highest weight but assume she has lost around 100 lbs so far. She is still weak and does not set up straight. So the weight loss is not that noticeable yet. Once she can sit up better and wear clothes other than extremely loose garments( due to her hernia wound and her MRSA drain tube) all her weight loss will be greatly visible.  She was wearing size 32/34 pants. Prior to surgery she was down to a size 24. She has lost 40+ lbs since so I assume she will be able to wear even smaller pants as soon as the wounds heal. She has a new wardrobe at home waiting for her. We purchased all sorts of clothes prior to surgery. She has some really sexy clothes. My sis is gonna be a skinny minny SLUT! LOL.. Just like her sis. LOL.

My chronic fatigue syndrome has a major flare-up. So tired. Really severe shoulder… thigh… hip… aches and pings.  I slept so-so last night. Gonna take a nap with Rosie shortly.

Rosie is up every 90 min to urinate at night. She uses a bed pan. The nurse assistants take care of it at night and I do it during the day.

Been having panic attacks. Just stressed and feeling lonely. Missing John. Even though we text and email daily I haven’t seen him LIVE on cam. He is gonna go on a holiday to Spain with his sis. Gonna miss him even more.

I am hoping Rosie gets released tomorrow.

Thanks for all your prayers, support and well wishes.

God bless,





August 30, 2011, at 1:03 pm


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August 30, 2011, at 10:44 am

Rosie’s Weight

Rosie had gastric bypass 35 days ago. On the day after surgery she weighed 339. Today she weighs 298. A loss of 41 lbs. On her first weigh-in at the surgeon she weighed 390 (Feb 2011). So she is down 92 lbs now. Wow! So proud of her.  Just hope she can start eating and KEEPING food and liquids down. She kept her breakfast down.

For lunch she had 1 oz of pureed turkey and gravy (looked disgusting) and 1 oz of peanut butter. Rosie says the turkey was YUCK! She would have ate  more if it was ANY GOOD! I am certain she will be able to eat more at home. She should be eating about 4 oz at a meal with Protein Shakes for snacks.

Gonna go down to the cafeteria and get Dad some fruit. Gonna see what foods they may have down there that Rosie will eat. She is so finicky.

Thanks for your prayers.

Please keep Rosie in your thoughts and prayers. Doctors tell me she still has a way to go to get well.


August 30, 2011, at 8:36 am

Rosie Update

Rosie is doing well. She ate 1 scrambled egg and 1/2 serving of applesauce for breakfast. She vomited up clear fluids  aka foamies afterwards BUT as long as she keeps her food down, which she did, all is well.

She has seen 3 doctors today and a dietician.

She is sleeping now. I plan on taking a nap after dad gets here and leaves.

Her WBC level went down to 20,000.

She is feeling so much better. No pain. No nausea.

I had a rough night. Didn’t sleep well. My shoulders and thighs are killing me. Having to take my Vicodin as scheduled. I normally only take half of what the doc has prescribed for me.

Hopefully Rosie will get to go home tomorrow.

I have been so stressed out with worry about Rosie. It finally caught up with me…. I have been so nervous, anxious, and shaky since last night.

Just glad she is on the road to recovery now.

Thanks for your prayers!



August 29, 2011, at 11:19 am

Rosie’s EGD

Rose’s EGD was normal. No blockage. No ulcer. No Stricture. Wilhoite is gonna try another anti-nausea med to see if that helps. I think getting rid of the mrsa will help her nausea the most. Nausea is only mild today.

She has lost another 6 lbs!!! So she has now lost 37 lbs since July 27th, 2011. Not bad sissy!

Resuming Liquid diet this afternoon.

Keep those well wishes and good thoughts coming our way. THANKS!


August 29, 2011, at 5:21 am

Rosie EGD

Rosie is scheduled for a Esophagogastroduodenoscopy at 1:30 today.

She slept ok last night. She has no nausea today. Just sleepy. She is on IV fluids and needs to urinate every 60-90 minutes so she is awake frequently during the night.

I had a good nights rest about to go clean up and head down for some breakfast.

Will update later.

God Bless,


August 28, 2011, at 12:49 pm

Rosie Update

Rosie is feeling better today. But her WBC -White Blood Count- was up from 18,000 to 22,000. Dr. Williams said they due to her having her spleen removed her WBC should be less than 15,000. It was 32,000 on Friday.

She is receiving fluids, vancomycin, and bariatric tpn via IV.

She is having less nausea today. Took some of her oral meds and kept them down. She is more alert and talkative and looks better.

She is gonna try a Popsicle later today.

She has an EGD scheduled for 1:30 tomorrow with Dr Wilhoite here at ParkWest Hospital. Not sure if it will happen then or not since it was scheduled prior to her MRSA diagnosis.

Rosie’s BP , temperature and heart rate are normal. They all had been elevated.

Dad came and visited us today and is on his way back home. Pray that he makes it home safe. Worried to death knowing he is traveling on I-40 alone.

Keep those prayers a coming. Thanks!



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