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February 21, 2012, at 8:16 pm

Evening Update

Rosie had nausea all day. No hunger. But she did eat some chicken noodle soup.. which she vomited back up. We believe her nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting is due to the antibiotic Augmentin that she has been on.

Manicure: BLACK STAR by Revlon Top Speed.

Will be happy to get out of the house tomorrow. Can’t believe I actually want to go out. Used to hate it so much that I avoided leaving the house at all. I even went almost 20 years without going to a movie. Rosie and I now go often as we like to.

Slowly but surely I am becoming more extroverted. Enjoying all the male attention I have started receiving again. So thrilled with my weight loss. Gives me so much more confidence.

Had a lovely webcam chat with John tonight. He went to the dentist and they couldn’t find anything wrong. They think he has a food particle trapped in his gum line. He was feeling so much better today. He was playful, naughty and so much fun. I love that silver haired rascal.

I have been celibate for a while now. What I miss most is kissing and hugs. I have only kissed a few men….

Best kisser was a guy named Roger. He was 3rd runner up for Mr West Virginia. A Body builder…. an incredible body. Regret that I didn’t sleep with him.Almost did.

Gary was a man I dated for 6 months. He is a multi-millionaire. He owned 28 houses when I was with him. Plus numerous companies. I loved going out on his 44 foot cabin cruiser… speeding up and down the Kanawha river in Charleston. Or going over 100MPH in his corvette, So much fun. He was just too busy and didn’t devote enough time to build a relationship.

I truly miss Michael from Mississippi. He was the love of my life (so far) Such a loving , compassionate man. He and I dated for 2 years. He was a Momma’s boy and would not move to West Virginia. We remained close friends till he passed away from a brain tumor. I am getting chills just from thinking of all the wonderful memories he and I shared. My parents adored him. We traveled together. Best vacay was spent in a deluxe cabin in Pigeon Forge. Jacuzzi is all I will say.. but wow-weee we had a blast.

I only kissed one other man but I don’t have ANY fond memories of him. PRAISE GOD that I got him out of my life. Mom, Dad and Rose all  hated him and now I understand why. I deserve so much more than he had to offer.

Doing well on my diet. Will get weighed tomorrow at Dr Boyce’s office.

I will probably drive to Knoxville tomorrow. Last year at this time I didn’t even having my driver’s license. So proud of what I have accomplished over the past few years.

Still having panic attacks at times. Having less of them but when I have one it is more intense than they use to be.

I am going to smile and talk to more people tomorrow.



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