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May 14, 2012, at 9:17 pm


I have been using Jergens National Glow Sunless Tanner for a week. Really building up a nice light tan.

Love the curly perm I got. It makes me look like I have triple the hair I did before I got it. I use my new HOT TOOLS Curling iron to smooth out the curls. Looks FAB! Love it so much.

Starting to grow my hair out. Prior to Gastric Bypass my hair was 31″ long. Starting losing my hair a few months after surgery which is VERY COMMON. So I decided to chop it off up to my neck in April 2010. It was so sparse and had all sorts of different lengths coming in….It is finally getting to the point  that I can grow it back out now. I miss my LONG hair! Gonna wear some human hair extensions tomorrow. Haven’t worn them in ages.

I see a new psychiatrist and counselor tomorrow. Rose goes to physical therapy. In between appointments we are going to the mall.

Still having hot flashes and mood swings. But more good times than bad ones since I started HRT Hormone Replacement therapy.

Having a hot flash now… UGH!

~Angela Bell Goode


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