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June 10, 2012, at 7:05 pm

Our weekend update… and other STUFF

Rose and I have had upset tummy’s all weekend. Rosie’s much worse than my issues.

Rose and I went to see The Avengers today. Good Movie. Adore Thor and Loki. My Dog Smoki’s full name is Smoki Poki Loki. Smoki is just as mischievous and naughty as Loki. When we got him from Animal Works Rescue his name was Loki. Didn’t think Dad could remember Loki so we named him Smoki. Smoki was left at a Petsmart store when he was 4 months old. TIED TO A SHELF and ABANDONED. He is a full blood Cairn Terrier aka TOTO dog. The vet at Petsmart took him home for a few weeks and he didn’t get along with her pets. We saw his smiling face online and went and got him the very next day. A wonderful dog!

Ordered a pair of black denim shorts, size 12 and they barely stay up on my hips. Losing inches and toning up. SO HAPPY!

This weeks schedule includes physical therapy for Rosie. Dermatologist for me. Manicure for Rosie and I both. I also see a new shrink and counselor. Haven’t had counseling in awhile. Pray I get someone who understands someone who was molested as a child like I was. Was molested from the ages of 6-13 or so. Both sides of my family abused me. Guess they knew how weak I was and that I had very low self-esteem I had. Any attention was good attention to me at that time. I have forgiven those who abused me and I also have forgiven myself.

I smiled this week when I saw that my dirty, rotten, stinking, cheating ex-husband was in jail! Bastard said he only married me since I was a virgin and he had never had a virgin. @$$h0le.

Lately I have been overtly sexual online. Assume it is a cry for attention. Needing to curb this. I have always used my sexual wiles to get attention from men. My overtness has only been seen by a few men who I am attracted to. Not posted public just private to a very select few men.

Still having wild nocturnal dreams and daytime fantasies about 2 delectable men. Wondering what it all means. I truly believe God has a purpose for bringing people into your life. Trusting God to guide me. I am very good friends with one of them. Acquaintances with the other. One I have met and the other I hope to meet. Would love to get CLOSE to either of them. Both good southern Christian boys.

The love of my life (so far) was Michael Northcutt. He was the last man to kiss me and make love to me. That was Nov 17th, 1994. He passed away from a brain tumor a few years back. Missing him. He was such a good friend. Long distance romance for 2 years. Friends from 1991 till his passing.

Ever since I started hormone replacement therapy I have been feeling sexier than ever. Ready, Willing, and more than Able. WINK WINK WINK

Sending love and prayer,

Angela Bell Goode




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