Wasim Akram
the pakistani cricket fast bowler is a Type 1 diabetic. He has been in the cricket circuit for more than 10 years and is one of the fittest guys around. Many people are surprised to know that
he is a diabetic on insulin mainly because of the strenous work put on by a fast bowler in cricket.SOURCE: Jay Nair

Arthur Ashe

Walter Barnes
FOOTBALL & Actor,Played football for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1948 to 1951.Before acting career, played professional football for the NFL'sPhiladelphia Eagles, 1948-1951.real name Walter Lee Barnes--Nickname Piggy--Born: 26 January 1918, in Parkersburg, West Virginia, USA Died: 6 January 1998, Woodland Hills, California, USA. (death due to diabetescomplications ) 

Ayden Byle
He is now one of the most well known, and famous diabetics in North America after having run 6521.5 Km's across it, to be the first insulin dependent diabetic to do so. He raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for cure research and is said to be continuing on with his
non-profit charity - The Ayden Byle Diabetes Research Foundation. He is a Heavyweight and a Hero in the Diabetic Community. 

Bobby Clarke
Hockey Philadelphia Flyers

Ty Cobb
Baseball--Detroit Tigers fullname:TYRUS RAYMOND COBB

Scott Coleman
first man with diabetes to swim the English channel, (swam on August  17, 1996) SOURCE:Christopher Frost

James "Buster" Douglas

Nikolai Drozdetsky
Soviet Hockey

Kenny Duckett
Football --New Orleans Saints

Chris Dudley
Basketball--New York Knicks center

Ned Edwards

Del Ennis

Pam Fernandes

Bob Fontaine

Curt Fraiser
Chicago Black Hawks

"Smokin' Joe" Fraizer

Stan Frazier
Wrestler who competed as Uncle Elmer, Kamala II, and The Convict, died as the
result of complications from diabetes on June 30,1992. He was 54. 

Bill Gullickson
Baseball pitcher ,Cincinnati Reds

Gary Hall
Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer diagnosed within the last few years, and an advocate for the ADA. SOURCE:Christopher Frost

Jonathon Hayes
Football American Football, Tight End, Pittsburgh Steelers,Kansas City Chiefs

Chuck Heidenrich

Dave Hollins

Catfish Hunter
Baseball pitcher

Jason Johnson
Pitcher-Baltimore Orioles
NEWS:Monday August 2 4:50 PM ET
BALTIMORE (AP) - Most pitchers put on a warmup jacket and sit in the dugout between innings.
Jason Johnson of the Baltimore Orioles slips into a back room and pricks one of his fingers with
a lancet. He then places the blood sample on a strip and slides it into a pocket-sized machine that tells him how much sugar is in his blood. If the level is too low, he sips a sports drink before returning to the mound. Johnson, a right-hander, has Type 1 diabetes. That means his pancreas can't make insulin, a protein that helps control the body's conversion of sugar into energy. Without careful monitoring, diabetes can lead to heart and kidney problems and blindness. But because Johnson carefully controls the disease, he insists it doesn't make him a novelty in the Baltimore clubhouse or hinder his performance. ``They know about it and I know about it. I'm just like anybody else,'' Johnson said. Johnson, 25, was obtained in a March 29 trade with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. He started the season in the minors, but was called up in May and has since become a fixture in the starting rotation. About 1.2 million people in the United States have Type 1 diabetes, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention figures. Few of those people are major league baseball players, but Johnson is not alone in managing the disease as a professional athlete. New York Knicks center Chris Dudley has diabetes, as does Jay Leeuwenberg of the Indianapolis Colts, who appears on a promotional poster for the International Diabetic Athletes Association. The 3,500-member group includes marathon runners, mountain climbers and cyclists training for the Olympics, according to director Linda McClure. Like other athletes with diabetes, Johnson follows a strict regimen to keep his blood sugar steady. In addition to checking his blood sugar level between every inning when he is pitching, he must inject himself with insulin three times a day. When traveling for games in different time zones, Johnson adjusts his injection schedule. Johnson learned he had diabetes at age 11, and in the years after several coaches and teachers unfamiliar with the disease were uncertain about his chances of excelling in sports. ``My way of showing them, 'Listen, I'm not different from anybody else,' was by performing and doing what any other kid could do,'' Johnson said. Now he wants to help doctors convince young children with diabetes that they can succeed in professional baseball. ``Jason wants to prove to everybody that you can live normally with what he has to live with,'' Orioles manager Ray Miller said. 

Robert Wood Johnson's IV Daughter Casey
NEWS:1-12-2000 Chairman of Juvenile Diabetes Foundation  International and Chairman and CEO of The Johnson Company, is the new owner of the New York Jets. Mr.  Johnson has served as JDF's Chairman since June 1995 and has been involved with the foundation over the  past ten years. His daughter Casey has had juvenile, or Type 1 diabetes, for the past twelve years. 

Zippora Karz

Billy Jean King
Tennis Great,In 1973, defeated Bobby Riggs in a "Battle of the Sexes" match holding the record for most people attending a single tennis match, 30,472 people at Houston's Astrodome, and a television audience of 90 million 

Ed Kranepool
N.Y. Mets

Kelli Kuehne
LPGA golfer  is diabetic: she wears the pump on the golf course. SOURCE:gado228f

Jay Leeuwenburg
American Football, Indianapolis Colts, active

Jonothon Lower

Michelle McGann

Gary Mabutt
Famous Tottenham Hotspur Soccer Player In The UK-Premi division soccer

Robert ``Gorilla Monsoon'' Marella,
a true giant of professional wrestling who body-slammed Muhammad Ali and debated Jesse Ventura, has died of a heart ailment in October 1999. 

Corbin Mills
Bike Racer

Ketil Moe
NEWS:November 12 ,1999
 COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) - Ketil Moe, a Norwegian lung  transplant recipient who ran the 1999 New York City Marathon,   collapsed two days ago during a stopover in Copenhagen on
 his way home, and died today. He was 32.  The diabetic had been warned by his doctors not to run the  marathon last Sunday. But the physicans also warned him  about many of the 12 marathons he had ran before his 1997  transplant, races he sometimes entered with bleeding lungs.  `I hope I will survive,'' Moe said before the race. ``It will be the toughest race ever.''  On the plane back from New York,Moe became ill and  collapsed Wednesday. He died two days later at Copenhagen's University Hospital of a bacterial infection.  Before his transplant, Moe was confined to a wheelchair. 

Calvin Muhammed
Football Washington Redskins

Bill Nicholson

Mike Pete

Mike Pile
Chicago Bears

Richard Petitbon
former Washington Redskins Head Coach a Type-2 diabetic,

Steve Redgrave
Olympic gold medallist in Rowing.  Age 36.  Diagnosed at the age of 35.  1996 Atlanta   Olympic Gold with Matthew Pinsent in coxless pair (rowing).

Hamilton  Richardson

Jackie Robinson
Baseball,Brooklyn Dodgers He had type 1 At first he was able to keep it under control. But them problems developed. First he developed an infection in a knee that he had onced injured sliding into second base. The infection spread throughtout his body, and Jackie almost died before antioboitics finally brought it inder control. In later years diabetes affected Jackies nerves and blood pressure, causing burning pains in his legs that eventually made him give up playing golf. Tiny blood vessles in his eyes began to bleed. Though doctors fought the damage with the newest techniques of laser surgery, Jackie lost the sight of one eye, then the other. Then three heart attacks struck within four years; the last one killed him at the age of fifty-three.

Mack Robinson
PASADENA, Calif. (AP) - Mack Robinson, the older brother of Jackie Robinson and a world-class athlete in
 his own right, died Sunday (March 12,2000) of complications from a stroke, diabetes and kidney failure. He was 85.He had a heart attack in December 1990, then had a massive stroke while undergoing quintuple-bypass
 surgery in June 1991. He had been bedridden since. Robinson won the silver medal in the 200 meters in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, finishing behind Jesse Owens. Robinson's accomplishments came long before his brother broke baseball's color line in 1947, and the elder Robinson's performance in Berlin was considered a surprise. After the Olympics, Robinson starred on the Oregon track team, winning the NCAA 220-yard title and the AAU 200-meter championship in 1938.The second of five children, he was inducted into the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame in 1983. Despite being in the shadow of his younger brother, Mack instead took pride in Jackie's accomplishments."`He always liked to say they had something in common: Fighting the prejudice in the late 1930s and early 1940s,'' George Beres, a friend who was Oregon sports information director from 1976-82, told the Oregonian of Portland. ``They had more than just bloodlines and last name in common.'' 

Sugar Ray Robinson

Captian Rowdy

Adolph Rupp
founder of Kentucky basketball. He is a basketball icon.  He was coach of the
University of Kentucky Wildcats, and their arena is named for him.

Frank Rustich

Ron Santo
Baseball-3rd base.  As a team captain of the strong 1960's Cubs, he was probably the third best 3d sacker in baseball, behind HOFers Schmidt and Robinson. He still has a shot at it with the 'old timers committee.'  He attempted to write about his condition and how it affected his career in a poorly edited biography, which may still be in print.  He remains one of the Cubs' popular color commentators..Insulin dependent TYPE 1 Juvenille
NEWS:6-22-1999 Ron Santo, a former nine-time All-Star third baseman for the Chicago Cubs who became the team's radio commentator 10 years ago, showed improvement Tuesday following a mild heart attack. Santo, 59, rested overnight at a Denver hospital and was no longer  experiencing chest pains, the team said. Abnormalities in his heart's rhythm were being treated with medication, and he may be transferred out on intensive care by Thursday. Santo, who hit .277 during a 15-year major league career, was admitted to Rose Medical Center in Denver on Monday. Former Santo teammate Randy Hundley will replace him in the Cubs' radio booth on Thursday when the team finishes a three-game series with the Colorado Rockies. Santo has a history of diabetes and recently underwent an angiogram that revealed a minor blockage of one artery.

Art Shell
Football former Raider Coach & Denver line coach.

Michael SinclairMichael Sinclair
Defensive end for the Seattle SeaHawks. Born on January 31, 1968 in Beaumont, Texas,  attended Charlton-Pollard High School  where he excelled in football,  basketball and track. After graduation, he attended Eastern  New Mexico University on scholarship. He revealed in May that he had been diagnosed  with diabetes. Over the past three seasons, no player in  the NFL has collected more sacks than  Sinclair (41 1/2).

Bill Talbert
Tennis --Hall of Fame tennis player Bill Talbert, who won 33 national titles, died Feb 28,1999  at his home in Manhattan. He was 80. Talbert, who suffered from diabetes since the age of 10, had been in declining health since suffering a broken shoulder and pelvis while being mugged in 1992. Talbert was a two-time singles finalist at the United States Championships -- which later became known as the U.S. Open -- but was beaten by Frank Parker in the 1944 and 1945 finals. He did win eight doubles crowns at the United States Championships, four men's titles with Gardnar Mulloy and four mixed doubles titles with Margaret Osborne. During two stints as the U.S. Open's tournament director (1971-75, 1978-87), Talbert helped move the grand slam from the private Westside Tennis Club of Forest Hills to the hardcourts at Flushing Meadows and introduced the use of tiebreakers in decisive sets. Answering players' criticism of the new rule he said, "I never knew a player who bought a ticket." A winner of nine mixed doubles Grand Slam titles, Talbert participated in Davis Cup from 1946 to 1953, and served as captain of the national team for  five years. He was 13-4 at the helm and his team won the Davis Cup in 1954. Talbert, who also won the French Open doubles championship with Tony Trabert in 1950, was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1967. He is survived by his sons Pike and Peter, two grandchildren.
The Following was sent to us by
Rick Mendosa. We thought it may of be an interest to you.
New York Times (science section), 2/29/2000, from peter talbert regarding his father, billy: excerpts: "my father, bill talbert, learned he had juvenile diabetes in 29 when he was 10 yrs old... insulin had just come on the market, effectively saving his life...doctors, however, recommended a sedentary lifestyle and a strict diet ...after 3 yrs of inactivity, his father took him to a "radical" doctor who agreed to a regimen including limited exercise,
steering him toward tennis. within two years he had a national junior ranking and by 1940 was in the  u.s. top ten where he remained for 13 years... in 1957 he wrote his autobiography 'playing for life.'  when he died last year at 80 he had coexisted with diabetes for 70 years."

Michael Treacy
Skiing ,ski jumper

Sherri Turner

Scott Verplank
Golf ,competes on the PGA tour-Finished first in the PGA qualifying school this year. insulin-dependent

Jersey Joe Walcott

Nick Walter
Philadelphia Flyers 

Jo Ann Washam

Dale Weightman
Australian Football. He  was born in 1959.  He was captain of the Richmond Football Club (in Victoria, Australia) for a few years from 1988 onwards.  At the age of 24 he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He has won many medals in Football and was also Captain of the State Victorian team on four occasions.

Wade Wilson
Football Minnesota Vikings

Per Zetterberg
He is The Swedish National Soccer teams most important player right

now. He is a professional player in Anderlecht Football Club In Belgium. He is Insulin Dependent.