Marcel Achard
Actor,Writer of Italian Films,Director Real name Marcel Auguste Ferreol Born:5 July 1899, Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon, France Died: 4 September 1974, Paris, Seine, France. of diabetes complications 

Anne Ayars
1940's & 1950's Film Actress, Anne was Born in 1919, and Died In  27 February 1995, Hemet, California, USA. (died of complications from diabetes) 

Walter Barnes
Actor,Played football for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1948 to 1951.Before acting career, played professional football for the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles, 1948-1951.real name Walter Lee Barnes--Nickname Piggy--Born: 26 January 1918, in Parkersburg, West Virginia, USA Died: 6 January 1998, Woodland Hills, California, USA. (death due to diabetes complications)

Richard Bartlett
Director, Actor, Writer, Producer Date of birth (location) 1922.  Date of death (details) 1994,  Havre de Grace, Maryland, USA.(diabetes)
SOURCE: Internet Movie Database

Jack BennyJack Benny
Entertainer "Jack Benny Show (1950-)Real name Benjamin Kubelsky Born:14 Feb 1894,Waukegan, Illinois, USA Died: 26 December 1974,BeverlyHills,Calif. (Death due to cancer) Spouse  Mary Livingstone

Halle BerryHalle Berry
Actress "Losing Isaiah" & "The Flintstones" Born:14 Aug1968, Cleveland,Ohio,USA Competed in Miss World USA 1986 Miss Universe Pageant Spouse: 'David Justice' (1993 -1996) Divorced  TYPE 1 SOURCE:Suzanne Whitfield & Filmrn

Wilford BrimleyWilford Brimley
Actor, "Cocoon" & "The Firm" BORN: 27 September 1934, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.  He was a farmer and rodeo rider who, after gaining weight, became a blacksmith and then a film actor. He Has appeared in 48 Motion Picture films.

Delta BurkeDelta Burke
Born 30 July 1956, Orlando, Florida, USA--MS.Florida USA where she won  a talent scholarship, which she used to attend  the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.,starred on the TV show Designing Women,married to Gerald McRaney ("Major Dad") Currently has a very Lucrative Clothing Line for called Delta Burke Design for Large and Lovely Ladies,she and Gerald live in New Orleans, LA Non-Insulin Dependent 

James CagneyJames Cagney
Actor,Producer,Director,Dancer  Born July 17, 1899 DIED:Mar 30, 1986..His most famous role was as George M. Cohan In 1942 Movie "Yankee Doodle Dandy" James Won (1974) American Film Institute Life Achievement Award. Appeared in 69 Motion Picture Films Heart attack/diabetes complications

Rory Calhoun
Actor, lanky lumberjack who became an actor by accident and went on to star as a stalwart hero of Western movies and the TV series ``The Texan,'' died Wednesday. April 28,1999 He was 76. Calhoun died after being hospitalized 10 days with advanced stages of emphysema and diabetes, said his longtime friend, Paul Dean. Calhoun often told the story of how he was discovered in 1943 while he was horseriding in the Hollywood Hills. Alan Ladd, then a top star, happened to be out riding, too. ``I met this fellow up in the hills and stopped to talk,'' Calhoun recalled. ``He asked me if I was an actor, and I said, " no!' We talked some more and he asked, `How would you like to be in films?'''  His handsome face and sturdy physique won him lesser roles in `Something for the Boys,'' ``Sunday Dinner for a Soldier,'' ``The Bullfighters'' and other wartime films. His most important early role came as boxer James Corbett in ``The Great John L.''    The actor, whose real name was Francis Timothy Durgin, saw his career accelerate after a meeting with agent Henry Willson, who discovered and invented names for Rock Hudson, Tab Hunter and Troy  Donahue. His rugged image made him ideal for such Westerns as ``Massacre River,'' ``Rogue River,'' ``Yellow Tomahawk'' and ``Four Guns to the Border.'' In the late '40s and early '50s, he also appeared in  ``The Red House,'' ``Ticket to Tomahawk,'' ``How to Marry a  Millionaire,'' ``Meet Me After the Show'' and ``With a Song in My  Heart.'' From 1958 to 1960, Calhoun starred in a CBS television Western, ``The Texan.'' He played Big Bill Longley, a fast gun who traveled from town to town helping those who were victimized by bad men.  In his later career, Calhoun appeared in lower budget films, many of them made abroad. Among the titles: ``The Treasure of Pancho Villa,'' ``Flight to Hong Kong,'' ``Marco Polo,'' ``The Colossus of Rhodes,'' ``Young Fury,'' ``Black Spurs,'' ``The Adventures of Marco Polo.''  In 1982-87, he appeared on the CBS soap opera ``Capitol,'' playing Judson Tyler, head of one of the two feuding families in the show. He also was host of reruns of ``Death Valley Days'' in the syndicated ``Western Star Theater.'' Calhoun was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Santa Cruz, Calif. He hired out as a bronco buster and mined silver near Reno before returning to Santa Cruz.    In 1948, Calhoun married Latin entertainer Lita Baron, and they had two children. They divorced in 1970. In 1971 Calhoun married former journalist Susan Langley. They had a daughter before divorcing after five years. 

Nell Carter
Actress has type 2, born on September 13, 1948 SOURCE:Christopher Frost

Phoebe Kates
Actress, Whose son is a diabetic. Married to 
Kevin Klein who recently joined the board of  directors of the NYC chapter of JDFI.  Their son, Owen, now 11, was dx with type 1 in  Dec. 1999.  Has 2 Children; Greta Simone and Owen. SOURCE:filmrn

Alvin Childress
ACTOR:Born 1908, Meridian, Mississippi, USA.  DIED:  19 April 1986, Inglewood, California, USA. (Death Due to parkinson's disease & diabetes)

Dort Clark
Actor, Date of birth (location)  1 October 1917,  Wellington, Kansas, USA.  Date of death (details) 30 March 1989,  Wellington, Kansas, USA. (diabetes and cancer) Appeared in the Woody Allen Film, EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX, 1972, played Sheriff. Dort also appeared as a Guest on  variety of TV shows.
SOURCE: Internet Movie Database

Willa Pearl Curtis
ACTRESS: Date of birth (location) 21 March 1896,   Texas, USA  Date of death (details)  19 December 1970,
Los Angeles, California, USA. (cerebral arteriosclerosis  and diabetes complications)
SOURCE: Internet Movie Database

John Dehner
Actor, Appeared 108 Motion Picture films & was on 43 Television episodes of various programming. His Real name John Forkum Born:23 November 1915, Staten Island, New York, USA.Died:4 February 1992, Santa Barbara, California, USA. (died of emphysema and diabetes complications)

Evelyn Del Rio
Actress,Birth name Evelyn Bernadette Janer ,Date of birth (location)  c. 1930,  Cantano, Puerto Rico, USA .Date of death (details) 26 November 1998, Los Angeles, California, USA. (diabetes complications)
SOURCE: Internet Movie Database

Vernon Dent
Actor, Born:16 February 1895, San Jose, California, USA. Died: 5 November 1963, Hollywood, USA. Vernon appeared in 186 motion picture films(died of diabetes complications )

Hans Deppe
Actor,director,Producer of mainly German films Born:1898, Berlin, Germany Died: 23 September 1969, West Berlin, West Germany. (died of diabetes complications) 

Robert Dorning
Actor, Appeared in the Motion Picture Film RAGTIME, as well as numerous Guest Appearnces on TV.
SOURCE: Internet Movie Database

Rick Ducommun
- comedian/actor.  Appeared in The 'Burbs and Little Monsters in 1989, and National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1 in 1993, also brief appearance in Mel Brooks' Space Balls, and I think Groundhog Day. SOURCE:Mookie

Lydia Echevarria
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) - Puerto Rican authorities on Thursday January27,2000 freed an actress convicted of murder more than a decade ago for hiring hit men to kill her  husband.  The parole board decided to free Lydia Echevarria, upholding Gov. Pedro  Rossello's decision last month to grant her clemency for health reasons.  Echevarria was sentenced to 208 years in jail for the 1983 death of her husband   Luis Vigoreaux, a television producer and variety show host.  Suffering from diabetes, Echevarria left the prison in a wheelchair. ``Thanks to God,'' she said as she was taken to a van that whisked her past the  gates of the Women's Prison in Vega Alta, about 20 miles southwest of San  Juan. Dozens of reporters and onlookers were crowded outside the prison awaiting her release.  Echevarria, 68, was convicted of murder in 1986 for hiring killers who
 kidnapped Vigoreaux, beat him with a tire iron, stabbed him with an ice pick  and then locked him in the trunk of his car and set it ablaze, burning him alive.  Prosecutors said Echevarria was angry because she suspected Vigoreaux was  going to leave her for a younger woman.  Echevarria was known for her roles in local theater and television, and she  appeared on Vigoreaux's show.  The five-member parole board had the final say over whether to allow her to go  free because Rossello stopped short of granting a full pardon. Echevarria's release was fought by stepsons Roberto Vigoreaux, a local  legislator, and Luis Vigoreaux Jr., himself a variety show host. Daughters  Glendaly and Vanessa supported the clemency. 

Paul Eddington
Actor Born:18 June 1927, London, England, UK Died: 4 November 1995, London, England. (skin cancer, diabetes) Mr. Eddigton was a tall, debonair actor who achieved international  success in the 1970's with 'The Good Life' a popular television 

Dale EvansDale Evans
Actress-Singer-Cowgirl-Dedicated Christian. American leading lady of musical Westerns of the 1940s. Born Lucille Wood Smith in Uvalde, Texas, her name was changed at an early age to Frances Octavia Smith. She was raised in Texas and in Arkansas. Married at 14 and a mother at 15, she was divorced at 17 (some sources say widowed). Intent  on a singing career, she moved to Memphis, Tennessee, and worked in an  insurance company while taking occasional radio singing jobs. After another unhappy marriage, she went to Louisville, Kentucky and became a popular singer on a local radio station. There she took the stage name Dale Evans  (from her third husband, Robert Dale Butts, and actress Madge Evans). Divorced in 1936, she moved to Dallas, Texas and again found local
success as a radio singer. She married Butts and they moved to Chicago, where she began to attract increasing attention from both radio audiences  and film industry executives. She signed with Fox and made a few small film appearances, then was cast as leading lady to rising cowboy star Roy Rogers. She and Rogers clicked and she became his steady on-screen companion. In 1946, Rogers's wife died and Evans marriage to Butts ended
about the same time. Rogers and Evans had been close colleagues a string of successful Westerns, and now became close off-screen as well. A year later, she married Rogers and the two united to become icons of American pop culture. Their marriage was dogged by tragedy, including the loss of three children before adulthood, but Evans was able not only to find  inspiration in the midst of tragedy but to provide inspiration as well,  authoring several books on her life and spiritual growth through difficulty. She and Rogers starred during the 1950s on the popular TV program bearing his name, and even after retirement continued to make occasional appearances and to run their Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum in Victorville, California. To read an in-depth interview with Dale Evans Please go to Rick Mendosa

Walter Fenner
ACTOR: Date of birth   c. 1882, in  Akron, Ohio, USA  Date of death 7 November 1947,Los Angeles, California, USA. (Death Due to diabetes)

Mary Ford
ACTRESS:Birth name Colleen Summers   Date of birth (location)  1924,  El Monte, California, USA Date of death (details)  30 September 1976, Arcadia, California, USA. (complications of  diabetes-pneumonia)

Lucio Fulci
 Director, Writer, Actor, Assistant Director, Producer,Date of birth (location)  17 July 1927, Rome, Italy.  Date of death (details) 13 March 1996, Rome, Italy. (diabetes-related illness) Sometimes Credited As: Louis Fuller
SOURCE: Internet Movie Database

Stephen Furst
Actor, "St. Elsewhere", "Babylon 5" Born:8 May 1955, Norfolk, Virginia, USA. Married to 'Lorraine Wright' (1976 - present); Stephen & Lorraine have 2 sons

Jackie GleasonJackie Gleason
Actor & Composer, "The Honeymooners"Nicknamed "The Great One",Real name
Herbert John Gleason BORN:26 February 1916, Brooklyn, New York, USA. DIED: 24 June 1987 Grandfather of actor Jason Patric. His Trade mark Line was How sweet it is!" Had an interest in the occult as well as an extensive collection of  books on the paranormal.

Dorian Gregory 
age 26 actor TV  Baywatch Nights-Plays "Tieg" Dorian has been a diabetic since the age of  9 years old Insulin Dependent

Sydney Greenstreet
Film & Stage actor---Born:27 December 1879, Sandwich, Kent, England, UK DIED:8 January 1954, Hollywood, California, USA.His stage debut was as a murder in a 1902 production of "Sherlock Holmes"  His film debut, aged 62 and weight nearly 300 pounds, was as Kasper Guttman in "The Maltese Falcon" (1941). He joined Peter Lorre in eight more movies after that. In eight years time he made twenty-four films, all the while beset by diabetes and Bright's disease. In 1949 he retired from cinema. Spouse  'Dorothy Marie Ogden' (1918 - ?), child: one son 

Ernst Günther
Actor, director, writer Date of birth 3 June 1933,In Karlskrona, Blekinge, Sweden
Date of death 8 December 1999, Glemmingebro, Sweden

Carol Haney
Actress & dancer Real name  Carolyn Haney BORN:24 December 1924, New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA DIED:10 May 1964 the protege of Gene Kelly,. (bronchial pneumonia & Diabetes complications)

Lisa Harrow
Actress BORN:1943, New Zealand  Spouses:Presently married to Roger Payne they have 1 son. Lisa lived with  Sam Neill ; Sam Neill and Lisa had a son, Tim, together, and they now share his care/life between them 1998 Lisa was Nominated for  Independent Spirit Award Best Female Lead for: Sunday (1997).

Rondo Hatton
Actor, BORN:22 April 1894, Hagerstown, Maryland, USA. Died 2 February 1946
he also developed acromegaly (from the result of being exposed to Poison Gas in WW 1) a slowly progressive deforming of bones in the head, hands and feet, and internal and external soft tissues, caused by disease of the pituitary gland which onsets after the individual has reached his full genetic height (under  normal pituitary influence) and production of growth hormone  resumes but the bone structure can no longer produce symmetric growth (as in giantism). aminly played Monsters in films as a result.He had a mild heart attack (heart weakness,along with diabetes and blindness being common complications of acromegaly) and, seemingly recovered, a fatal one just over a month later.

Ralph Herz
ACTOR:Date of birth 25 March 1878, In  Paris, France Date of death  12 July 1921, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA. (Death due to diabetes complications)

Dana HillDana Hill
Actress,Real name Dana Hill Goetz BORN:6 May 1964, Los Angeles, California, USA.
DIED:15 July 1996, Burbank, California, USA. (stroke)  "National Lampoon's European Vacation " & was on the TV Show "The Two Of Us" Suffered from diabetes which stunted her growth. Death due to Stroke. Insulin Dependent

Ina Ray Hutton
Actress,Singer,Dancer.Real name Odessa Cowan Nicknamed The Blonde Bombshell of Rhythm BORN:13 March 1916, Chicago, Illinois, USA Died:19 February 1984, Ventura, California, USA. (diabetes) She was the only woman to lead a prominent Big Band in the !930's

Aunt Jemima
Actress Born:1897, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USA  Died: 3 January 1950, Brooklyn, New York, USA. (diabetes) Sometimes Credited As: Tess Gardella she was in Rambling 'Round Radio Row #4 (1932)Tess Gardella & Show Boat (1929) 

Gordon Jump
Actor, "WKRP in Cincinnati"Born:1 April 1932, Dayton, Ohio, USA. Spouse  'Anna ?' (1963 - 1992) (divorced); 1 daughter Gordon appears in TV commercials for Maytag appliances, as the Maytag repairman (1993-)

Nancy Kelly
Actress BORN:25 March 1921, Lowell, Massachusetts, USA. Died:2 January 1995, Bel Air, California, USA. (diabetes-related)  Spouse's were Warren Caro' ,Fred Jackman' & Edmond O'Brien' .Sister of actor Jack Kelly

Dan Kemp
ACTOR:Date of birth 29 November 1927, in San Diego  Date of death 11 January 2000, Nevada City, California, USA. (death due to diabetes complications)

Mabel King
The actress best known simply as Mama--the oversized, all-powerful matriarch of 1970s sitcom What's Happening!!--has died of complications from diabetes, it has been learned.  Mabel King died November 9,1999 in Woodland Hills, California. She was 66.  Movie fans will remember King for her turn as
Steve Martin's mother in 1979's The Jerk and for her life force of a performance in the 1978 musical, The Wiz, where she played the Wicked Witch of the West (name of Evillene).  But it is in the forever world of TV reruns where King arguably leaves her biggest mark. In the 1976-79 ABC sitcom, she played the no-nonsense life advisor to a trio of teen boys, son Raj (Ernest Thomas), and his friends Dwayne (Haywood Nelson) and Rerun (Fred Berry).  Poor health plagued King for years--she worked little following the What's Happening!! run. More recent credits included a bit in the 1988 Bill Murray comedy, Scrooged. Diabetes cost King both her legs; a stroke damaged her left hand; a fall from a wheelchair knocked out her upper teeth. She lived at Motion Picture & Television Hospital in Woodland Hills for nine years, leaving the residence just this past August.  "Sure enough, I've been through a lot," King told the Los Angeles Times in 1995, "but so what? I thank God for my life." 

Kevin Klein
Actor, Whose son is a diabetic. Kevin recently joined the board of  directors of the NYC chapter of JDFI.  His son, Owen, now 11, was dx with type 1 in  Dec. 1999.  His wife is
Phoebe Kates, actress. Has 2 Children; Greta Simone and Owen. SOURCE:filmrn 

Linda Kozlowski
Actress, Date of birth  1958, In Fairfield, Connecticut, USA. Appeared in Crocodile Dundee (1986) Played.... Sue Charlton. Found Linda's name in a  NEWSGROUP On Diabetics.. Has not been substantiated at this time that Linda is indeed a Diabetic.

Rosemary Lane
ACTRESS:Birth name  Rosemary Mullican   Date of birth (location) 4 April 1914, Indianola, Iowa, USA
Date of death (details)  25 November 1974,  Woodland Hills, California, USA. (diabetes and  pulmonary obstruction) 

Joel Lawrence
ACTOR:Birth name Joel List  Date of birth (location)  23 November 1932, The Bronx, New York, USADate of death (details) 23 May 1999, Los Angeles, California, USA. (complications from diabetes)

Gloria Loring's--son Brennan Thicke
Actress, Singer Played Liz Chandler on "Days Of Our Lives" Divorced from Alan Thicke of "Growing Pains Author of THE KIDS, FOOD AND DIABETES FAMILY COOKBOOK,PARENTING A DIABETIC CHILD,PARENTING A DIABETIC CHILD - THE VIDEO Gloria's son Brennan is a Diabetic Brennan is studying film in college Gloria She serves on the board of directors for the Juvenile Diabetes Association Brennan is  Insulin dependent TYPE 1 Juvenille 

Mrs. Lewis McCord
ACTRESS:Date of birth (location)  18??,  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA  Date of death (details)  24 December 1917, New York, New York, USA. (pleuro pneumonia and diabetes) 

Dusty McCrea
ACTRESS:Date of birth (location)  1941  Date of death (details)  1996, Hondo, New Mexico, USA. (diabetes)

Leo Mc'Kern
Actor, "The Prisoner" Real name  Reginald McKern  Born:  16 March 1920, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia   Spouse is Jane Holland Leo has appeared in 56 Motion Picture Films Leo  Won Best Actor from the Montréal World Film Festivalin 1987 for: The Film  Travelling North

Claudia McNeil
Actress,BORN: 1916, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. DIED: 25 November 1993, Englewood, New Jersey, USA. (diabetes)

Marcello Mastroianni
Actor who appeared in 142 films.Real name Marcello Vincenzo Domenico Mastrojanni  Date of birth (location) 28 September 1924, Fontana Liri, Italy.  Date of death (details) 19 December 1996,Paris, France. (pancreatic cancer)

Jerry Mathers
Actor "Leave It To Beaver" Born:2 June 1948, Sioux City, Iowa, USA Played Beaver Cleaver 

Curtis Mayfield
ACTOR:COMPOSER:MUSICIAN: Date of birth (location) 3 June 1942, Chicago, Illinois, USA  Date of death (details)  26 December 1999, Roswell, Georgia, USA. (complications of diabetes)Rhythm and blues performer/songwriter credited with defining 1960's Chicago sound in hits like "It's All Right" and "Gypsy Woman." His style  influenced other artists from pop to hip hop. Has been a quadriplegic ever  since he was struck by lighting rig during outdoor concert in New York, 1990. Member of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame whose 1968 hit "We're A Winner, " became a civil rights anthem. Two-time Grammy winner whose "Superfly" soundtrack sold more than 4 million copies. Chicago soul legend Curtis Mayfield had his right leg amputated below the knee on June19th,1999. 

Dina Merrill's
Child has Diabetes Dina is an Actress,and is one of the founders of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, which is dedicated to diabetic research.She is married to Ted Hartley, Chairman of RKO Pictures. 

Mary Tyler MooreMary Tyler Moore
Actress, "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" BORN:29 December 1936, Brooklyn, New York, USA. Spouse's Grant Tinker'  (1962 - 1979) Dick Meeker'  (1955 - 1961) 'Dr. Robert Levine'  (198? - present).Her First TV appearance was in 1955 as "Happy Hotpoint" the Hotpoint Appliance elf, in commercials aired during the "Ozzie and Harriet Show". Insulin dependent TYPE 1 Juvenille

Richard Mulligan
Actor, "Empty Nest" Born:13 November 1932, New York, New York, USA. Richard  Won the  Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a TV Series - Comedy/Musical  "Empty Nest" (1988) Insulin dependent TYPE 1 Juvenille

Ave Ninchi
ACTRESS: Date of birth (location)  14 December 1915, Ancona, Italy  Date of death (details)  10 November 1997, Trieste, Italy. (diabetes complications)

Park Overall
Actress, "Empty Nest" & "Nurses" BORN:15 March 1957, Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Park Won The  Q Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Quality Comedy Series for: "Empty Nest" for the years of 1989-1990-1991

Gary Owens
Announcer Comedian "Laugh In"&  "Gong Show" Appeared in the Motion Picture Film "Spy Hard" BORN:10 May 1936, Mitchell, South Dakota, USA. Gary Was the narrarator in the computer games "Space Quest IV" and "Space Quest VI".

LaWanda Page
Actress BORN:19 October 1920, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Lawanda  played sassy Aunt Esther on the '70s sitcom Sanford and Son & Has appeared in numerous Motion Pictures Like Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (1996)

Tom Parks
Comedian,Actor,Writer,Director Tom Appeared in the 1992 film "Lady Bugs" as well as The Tonight Show,David Letterman, HBO's "One Night Stand",Showtime's "Comedy Club All Stars" , Evening at the Improv,HBO's "Not Necessarily the News" in 1979 he was named "College Entertainer of the Year" and "College Comedian of the Year"Diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes in 1985,Tom became involved with the American Diabetes Association . He founded the "Comedy Crusade Against Diabetes" which raised in excess of $500,000 for the ADA. He served for three years on the ADA National Board of Directors and in 1990 he and two partners produced a video, "Diabetes: A Positive Approach"  The video won top honors at 7 films festivals both nationally and internationally. To date, sales of the tape have raised over $350,000 for the American Diabetes  Association. In 1993 Tom received the Wendell Mayes Award, the highest honor the ADA gives to a volunteer.Has also served as spokesperson for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation/NutraSweet Golf Tournaments nationwide and has helped raised over 5 million dollars for that organization’s efforts to eradicate diabetes.Insulin Dependent

Minnie Pearl
Entertainer, Actress, "Hee Haw" Real name Sarah Colley BORN: 25 October 1912, Centerville, Tennessee, USA DIED:4 March 1996, Nashville, Tennessee, USA Spouse  'Henry Cannon' Elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1975.  Voted Country Music Woman of the Year in 1996. Recieved the American Cancer Society's Courage Award in 1987.  In 1991 was one of 13 recipients of the National Medal of Art. Personal quotes  "Kissing a fella with a beard is like a picnic. You don't mind going through a little brush to get there." . (stroke)

Joseph V. Perry
ACTOR:Date of birth (location) 13 February 1931,  Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA  Date of death (details) 23 February 2000, Burbank, California, USA. (diabetes complications) Joseph Received the 1949 Glenn Ford Award at Santa Monica High School and  also Received a U.C.L.A. Best Actor award in 1952

Kukrit Pramoj
ACTOR:PRIME MINISTER OF THAILAN Date of birth (location) 20 April 1911  Date of death (details)  9 October 1995, Bangkok, Thailand. (heart disease and diabetes complications ) Kukrit Pramoj was the son of a Thai prince. He attended Oxford University in England and became active in Thai politics after World War II. Pramoj worked as a bournalist and banker while military juntas ruled Thailand over the next several decades. He starred in the 1963 film "The Ugly American" as the prime minister of a fictional Asian country. A decade later he became prime minister of Thailand, serving in that office from March of 1975 until April of 1976. Pramoj's brother, Seni, also held the position of prime  minister several times in the 1970s. Kukrit remained a leading figure in Thai politics until his death in October of 1995. 

Eva Puig
ACTRESS:Date of birth (location)  3 February 1894, Mexico  Date of death (details)  6 October 1968, Panorama City, California, USA. (diabetes complications  and heart  failure) 

John Ratzenberger's son
is a diabetic and has worked with the
American Diabetes Association  John worked on the TV show Cheers playing Clifford C. Clavin (1983-1993)

Eduardo Rojas
Actor Appeared in the Movie  McHale's Navy (1997) as Gonzales

Eshter Rolle
Actress on the TV Show Good Times. Also Well Known Movie Actress who appeared in Driving Miss Daisy and other notable flms such as Rosewood. Esther was born  8 November 1920, Pompano Beach, Florida, USA. Date of death 17 November 1998, Los Angeles, California, USA. Death due to complications from diabetes

Patty Sauers
ACTRESS:Date of death (details) 25 March 1989,  Pacific Grove, California, USA. (diabetes complications)

 George C. Scott
Birth name George Campbell Scott   Date of birth:18 October 1927, Wise, Virginia, USA  Date of death :22 September 1999 His death was reported Thursday, September 23,1999 was an accomplished actor and director, but despite his man appearances on film, stage and television, he was best known for his portrayal of Gen. George S. Patton. His role in the 1970 film about the heroics of the American general during World War Two in ``Patton'' won him an Academy Award for Best Actor in  1971, but he refused to accept it, calling the Oscar ceremony a ``meat parade'' and condemning the Oscars in general as ``offensive, barbarous  and innately corrupt.'' He also refused to attend or even watch the ceremony. When he was announced the winner he was sitting at home on his New York farm watching ice hockey on television. Scott also received Academy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actor in 1962 for ``The Hustler'' and for Best Actor in 1972, the year after he had snubbed the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, for ``The Hospital.'' Born George Campbell Scott in Wise, Va., on Oct. 18, 1927, he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps after graduating from high school in 1945 for a four-year stint. In 1950 he briefly studied journalism at the University of Missouri until, as he put it, he realized ``acting paid much better.'' But his acting career started out slowly and stormy. For seven years he toured with small theatrical companies and during this time he went through two failed marriages, to Carolyn Hughes and Patricia Reed, more bar brawls than he cared to remember and five broken noses. His 1957 Broadway debut in the title role in Shakespeare's ''Richard III'' turned his life around, however. His performance, described by one critic as ``stunningly venomous,'' led to a flurry of offers from Hollywood and television. For the remainder of his career, Scott continued to work successfully in all three mediums. He won television Emmy awards for both acting and directing, plus numerous theatrical awards. He made his film debut in 1959, starring in ``The Hanging Tree,'' and followed that up with ``Anatomy of a Murder'' that same year. Among the most notable of his films were ``The Hustler,'' in 1961, ``The List of Adrian Messenger,'' in 1963, and as General ''Buck'' Turgidson, in the 1964 smash hit, ``Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb,'' in which he uttered the memorable line, ``I don't say we wouldn't get our hair mussed, but I do say no more than 10 to 20 million killed, tops, that is, depending on the break.'' Other films included ``The Yellow Rolls-Royce'' (1964), ''The Bible ... In the Beginning'' (1966), ``Not with My Life, You Don't, (1966), ``Petulia'' (1968), ``This Savage Land'' (1969), ``Jane Eyre'' (1971), ``The New Centurions'' (1972), ''The Day of the Dolphin (1973), ``The Hindenberg'' (1975), ''Movie, Movie'' (1978), ``The Formula'' (1980), ``Taps'' (1981) and Firestarter'' (1984). Scott was married five times, twice to the same wife, actress Colleen Dewhurst, with whom he had two of his six children. The couple married in 1960 and divorced five years later only to remarry in 1967. The second marriage ended in divorce five years later. In 1972, Scott married another actress, Trish Van Devere. Both Dewhurst and Van Devere acted opposite their husband on stage. Scott always maintained that Broadway was where he wanted to be. ``I make movies for financial reasons and this allows me the luxury of acting on Broadway, where I lose money,'' he once said. He brought his classical training to television portraying the characters of British author Charles Dickens, such as Fagin in the 1982 CBS movie ``Oliver Twist'' and as Ebenezer Scrooge in ``A Christmas Carol,'' a 1984 CBS production which is shown every Christmas. A heart attack in 1990 temporarily slowed Scott down but he recovered and continued his hectic work pace, even though suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes. But in April, 1996, he collapsed on a Broadway stage during a performance of ``Inherit the Wind,'' and two weeks later he flew to Los Angeles for surgery to correct an aortic aneurysm. 

Jean Smart
Actress, "Designing Women"  Insulin dependent TYPE 1 Juvenille

Kate Smith
Singer,Actress Real name Kathryn Elizabeth Smith BORN:1 May 1909, Greenville, VA DIED: 17 June 1986.  (complications of diabetes) Her biggest hit as a singer was GOD Bless America 

Fernando Soto
ACTOR:Birth name Fernando Soto Astol   Date of birth (location) 15 April 1911, Puebla, Mexico  Date of death (details)   11 May 1980, Mexico City, Mexico. (diabetes complications)

Hal Southern
ACTOR:COMPOSER: Date of birth (location)  c. 1919   Date of death (details) 15 July 1998, Nashville, Tennessee, USA. (diabetes complications)

Arne Stivell
Actor, composer, director, writer, producer: Birth name Arne Svensson  Date of birth (location) 3 August 1926  Date of death (details)  July 1997. (diabetes complications) 

Elaine Stritch
Actress Born:2 February 1925, Detroit, Michigan, USA. Appeared in the following Motion Picture Films Krippendorf's Tribe (1998)[Actress .... Irene Harding]  & Out to Sea (1997)[Actress .... Mavis LaBreche]

Birdy Sweeney
ACTOR: Date of birth (location)   14 June 1931,   Dungannon, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, UK  Date of death (details) 11 May 1999,  St Vincent's Hospital, Dublin, Ireland  Birdy Sweeney began acting when he was in his 50s having spent much of his earlier life as a comic and bird impersonator. He won his distinctive nickname while still a schoolboy making his debut mimicking blackbirds as an 11-year-old on BBC Radio Ulster. Sweeney had a heart attack when he was only 40 and suffered from diabetes throughout his life. Despite his late start as an actor he managed to pick up many credits. 

Elizabeth TaylorElizabeth Taylor
Actress, "Cleopatra" Real name  Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor BORN: 27 February 1932, London, England, UK Won Oscars for  Best Actress  for: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?   &  Butterfield 8 .1985---Won Cecil B. DeMille Award, From the Golden Globe Awards. Elizabeth's Spouses are 'Larry Fortensky'  (1991 - 1996) (divorced)-- Senator John Warner'  (1976 - 1982) (divorced)---Richard Burton (1975 - 1976) (remarried/redivorced) ---Richard Burton  (1964 - 1974) (divorced)---Eddie Fisher (1959 - 1964) (divorced)---Michael Todd (I)  (1957 - 1958) (his death) ---Michael Wilding (1952 - 1957) (divorced)---'Conrad 'Nicky' Hilton Jr.' (1950 - 1951) (divorced)

Spencer Tracy
Actor Real name Spencer Bonaventure Tracy  Nickname Spence BORN: 5 April 1900, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. DIED:10 June 1967, Beverly Hills, California, USA. (heart attack) He became the first to win back-to-back Oscars for Captains Courageous (1937) and Boys Town (1938). He was nominated for San Francisco (1936), Father of the Bride (1950), Bad Day at Black Rock (1955), Old Man and the Sea, The (1958), Inherit the Wind (1960), Judgment at Nuremberg (1961), and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967). He had a brief romantic relationship with Loretta Young in the 1930s and a life-long one  with Katharine Hepburn beginning in 1942. As a Catholic he never divorced Louise, though they lived apart. A few weeks after completion of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967), during which he suffered from lung congestion, he died of a heart attack.

Helen Walker
Actress BORN: 17 July 1920, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. DIED: 10 March 1968, North Hollywood, USA. (cancer) Appeared in 19 Motion Picture films. In 1946, Helen was involved in a nasty automobile accident after which her career never recovered.

Dick Winslow
Actor,BORN:25 March 1915, Jennings, Louisiana, USA DIED: 7 February 1991, North Hollywood, California, USA.Appeared in 48 Motion Picture films (diabetes complications) 

Mae WestMae West
Actress Real name Mary Jane West BORN:17 August 1893, Brooklyn, New York, USA.
DIED:22 November 1980 Mae West was born in Brooklyn, New York to "Battling Jack" West and Matilda Doelger. She began her career as a child star in  vaudeville, and later went on to write her own plays, including "SEX" for which she was arrested Her next film, in which sheS tarred, was in 1933. "She Done Him Wrong" was based on her earlier and very popular play, "Diamond Lil". Mae West went on to write and star in seven more films, including "My Little Chickadee",  with W. C. Fields. Her last movie was "Sextette" in 1978, two  years before her death, which also came from a play. .

Vanessa Williams
GrandMother- Had Diabetes and Died of Complications due to a stroke.
Vanessa  is a well known Singer and Actress and was also Miss America.Real name  Vanessa Lynn Williams ,Date of birth (location)18 March 1963,Tarrytown, New York, USA. 

Jane Wyman
Actress TV show "Falcon Crest" Real name  Sarah Jane Fulks BORN:  4 January 1917, St. Joseph, Missouri, USA  Jane Won Oscar Best Actress  for: Johnny Belinda (1948) In 1984  Jane won a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a TV Series - Drama for: "Falcon Crest"  For playing "Angela Channing".